Summary Edit

Cat 1

A great place to test out different features on this wiki.

Emoticon Test Edit

It works, thanks to  MediaWiki:Emoticons now there's new emoticon (cat). Obviously the picture is way too huge, but that can be fixed. (Done)

Now this picture needs to be cropped and the quality is kinda low.


Alright, you can add the gifs just the same way.

Obviously, this is just a test. (Ninja Cat) has no practical use. I mean, did you saw the size of that gif?

User template testEdit

This is just a mere copy of ChickenBones template. I'm too lazy, so I won't add the pictures...

It looks kinda cool, but I don't want to be a copycat.

Music testEdit

This is the most annoying thing that I could possibly do:

Nyan Cat

Ignore this Edit

Captain cat